Spring 2017

3-Brandenburg on the Hill – Author Unknown
5-Some Interesting Brandenburg History – Author Unknown
8-Genealogically Speaking – by Monie Mathews
9-Salt River & Some Other Things of Interest – by G. Kempf & R. Briggs
10-Doe Run-A Glimpse of the Past
11-Asa Lewis & William Horsfall – Prominent Kentuckians - Staff
14-Samuel Taylor and the Salt River Distillery – by Monie Matthews
18-Squire Boone – by Gary Kempf, C.L. Dawson & Bill Rowe
36-How Bacon Creek Got its Name – submitted by Thomas Phillips
41-Isaac Burns Murphy – Another Prominent Kentuckian - Staff
43-A Young Kentucky Slave Boy Gains Freedom – by Gary Kempf
44-Abe Lincoln and Dracula. Do They Have Anything in Common - Staff
47-Some Northern Kentucky Folks May be Interested in This
48-The Silas Hart Farm in the Middle of a Runway – by Roselle Moore
51-Dr. Luke Blackburn – Kentuckian, Confederate, advocate of biological warfare
53-Stithton, Kentucky – Once prosperous, now gone