Meade Co., KY Court Order Book A, 1824-1827

SKU: ISBN# 978-1-939669-11-7

Compiled by Carolyn Wimp (2017).  This first book of court orders for Meade
County names the officers of the county, the site where the court was held,
when public buildings were built and who built them.  Also includes the name
of the person in charge of keeping a road in repair and names of those who
lived along that road and could help the individual in charge.  Administrators are mentioned in estates.  Guardians are mentioned for infant orphans
(children under the age of 21) plus more topics of interest.  These records are often overlooked by
beginning researchers.  This information
helps us to understand what it was like when our ancestors lived.  Every name index. 128 pages, soft cover and
spiral bound.

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