People and Places That Are No More

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It began in 1903 with Camp Young, than Camp Knox, and finally Fort Knox as it is today. Along the way numerous towns, schools, farms, businesses, and residences were taken and are no more. Photographs and narratives tell the story of the land that is now Fort Knox from the earliest settlement of the area in 1776 to the last land acquisitions in the 1950s. Photos include schools, farms, early settlers, churches and congregations, and now extinct towns such as Stithton, Garnettsville, Grahampton, Pitts Point, Bartles, and numerous other towns. Included is an alphabetical list (over 3500 names) of all those known to be buried in the cemeteries left on Fort Knox.

By Gary Kempf (2001)
Soft cover 8 ½ x 11  
203 photographs, 12 maps  
(shows location of towns consumed by Fort Knox and 119 cemetery sites, and more)

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